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Helping FINServ consultant partners to build through technology, and IT project support.


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Compliance/Training Systems

We offer training systems for communications to multiple partners, creation of standard operating procedures, team collaboration tools, and training modules to build and scale firm growth initiatives.

Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager

Training Manager

Training Manager

Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager

Compliance/Training Solutions

For Consulting Teams

Collaborate with firm clients, staff, and customers for compliance deliverables and calendar events

For Auditing Teams

Delegate ongoing reporting, documentation, and PCAOB, AICPA, SEC Blue sky, or ADV-E custody filing requirements

For Administration Teams

Manage back office duties, filing, and other reporting obligations

Our Partner Programs

Consulting Partners



Software Partners

White labeling


Third Party Partners

API Integrations

Single Sign On (SSO)


White Labeling

Tailor with your brand identity and unique requirements.

Access Rights

Easily manage admin and user permissions.


Integrate the app with your existing tools via API/SSO.

Compliance & Audit

Customizable workflows for training, disclosures, and audit reporting for all stakeholders.


Access over 100 ready-to-use templates or upload/edit your own forms for unmatched flexibility.

Dashboards for Admin, Staff Clients

Seamlessly navigate the app through an intuitive interface accessible to multiple team members.

File sharing and Document requests

Share files with other users or request information securely.

IT/Security consulting

Including IT/cyber consulting with our partners.

How the Largest Wealth Management Firms Do Revenue Sharing

According to a Financial Planning Magazine article “How the Largest Wealth Management Firms Do Revenue Sharing,”…… Mutual fund managers, whose products the firms' financial advisors recommend, pay wealth management companies a portion of their profits or revenue that the firms often refer to as "marketing" or "partner" fees…… As shown by the companies' disclosures, the money can add up to hundreds of millions of dollars or more in added revenue each year for the largest wealth management firms.

Disclosing Conflicts of Interest to avoid fines.An excerpt from an SEC staff bulletin on Standards of Conduct for Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers Conflicts of Interest; "When there is a conflict created by firms or their financial professionals receiving compensation from third parties, whether or not sales-related (including, but not limited to, revenue sharing, sub-accounting, administrative services fees paid by a fund or its advisor), in the staff's view, broker-dealers, investment advisors or their financial professionals should disclose the existence and effects of such incentives provided to the firm or shared between the firm and others."

Software Packages

Enterprise Manager

Starting at

$6000 /year


$500 /month

Starting with 1 admin | 9 users


  • Cloud Storage

  • Admin/User access rights

  • Unlimited Calendar delegate portals

  • Forms/Templates

  • Training

  • Whitelabeling/Branding


  • Managed IT/cyber included (with cyber partners)

Partner Network offers

  • Compliance, Practice Management, Software Development, Marketing, Legal, and CRM expert referrals

  • Free live courses ($600 value) w/ purchase of a Compliance/Training System annual subscription

  • Discounted bundles w/purchase of Compliance/Training System subscription

*Other compliance/training software configurations available*

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