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Virtual Technology & Marketing Services

We partner with vendors to provide ongoing maintenance of
marketing and technology systems.

Struggling with Do-It-Yourself marketing or technology systems?

We understand that many technology providers rely on someone to help manage the workflows
...and so if you are interested in launch workflows, but have little time (or interest) in doing the legwork,
we can partner with you...Plus... we include a few extras

What Is Included?

Virtual Technology and Marketing Support

A consultant will be assigned to work with your firm marketing and technology portals
on either a monthly or quarterly basis.

Prospective Lead Generation

Work with our team to compile a prospect leads list from LinkedIn,
Yelp, Yellow Pages, or a directory of your choice.

FIN Lancer Business Directory

A business directory profile that is advertised to our network of business owners.

How It Works

Collect information about your business on our directory.
Choose one of our partner digital marketing content providers.*
Begin quarterly plan with your virtual marketing officer.

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