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FIN Compliance looks great on all devices.

We understand that there isn’t an all-in-one tech solution to handle every need. As such, we built our compliance app to integrate with other technology providers using Zapier or a customized integration using our API solution.

Our compliance/disclosure app is now featured as a tech provider on Kitces.com Advisor Tech Directory and we are available to integrate, partner, or customize a solution for your firm with other solutions.

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Keep Integrations Simple with Zapier

View a sample of workflows available on the integrations as a service provider below.

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Ten Popular Zapier-based Integrations for Investment Firms
(more than 3,000 third party applications available)

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We recommend aggregating all tasks to one tech system!!

Build a task list from our calendar, ADV, Procedures Manual, or consultants. Automate those tasks to any CRM, calendar, or other task app on Zapier.

Search "FIN Compliance" at zapier.com to starting building zap integrations from our calendar to your other technology providers.

Zapier Workflow

Contact Us to build a custom integration(s) with Tech not available on Zapier using our API

Features include:

Calendar | Audit Logs | Disclosures | Data Feeds | Admin/Users | MFA/Security | Cloud Sync

Compliance App

(Compliance manager for staff, teams, consultants)

Integrated with a disclosure center to transfer items to a Disclosure App

Disclosure App

(Disclosure portals for communications with clients, staff, investors, and vendors)