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Ten Popular Zapier-based Integrations for Investment Firms
(more than 3,000 third party applications available)

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  1. Automate social media content distribution, email notifications, and adding content via MeetEdgar.
  2. Automatically contacts and subscribers in the background, from Google Contacts, to your existing CRM.
  3. Automatically create client folder when a new client is added to your CRM, then trigger automated e-signatures for your financial planning and advisory agreements.
  4. Send log/task status to FIN Compliance Disclosure Center, Client Folder, or Calendar
  5. Automate prospect follow-ups reminders, while storing all of your marketing material in the Fin Compliance documents center.
  6. Connect Zapier to automatically send out periodic or event triggered drip emails, consultation invitations, or a welcome video from your team.
  7. Set up automatic notifications whenever a partner makes a new comment to a contact record in your CRM.
  8. Automatically trigger your CRM to update the prospects' content record, and then trigger a client status update in the FIN Compliance Client Center.
  9. Log a record of all automated events and store it in the Fin Compliance Document center for auditing purposes. For example, if a client arranges a meeting on your website using Calendly, you can instantly transfer the scheduler's information into your CRM and send an e-mail instructing them to fill out a confidential Typeform questionnaire. Once submitted, Zapier sends the prospect's information into the CRM of your choice, while your Gmail sends them an appointment confirmation e-mail.

Workflows to aggregate compliance tasks with other technology solutions

(Reference: Rules 206(4)-7, 204-2(a), Section 206)

Keep track of Compliance tasks on third party sites

Email Archiving
Fee Billing
And more

Import files into FIN Compliance Staff Disclosure Center to create audit log from third-party compliance tasks

Setup Client Meeting,
Update CRM,
Send E-Signature Contracts,
Record notes in CRM


Send to FIN Compliance Staff Disclosure Center

Setup Client Meeting,
Use digital notetaking solution, or email archiving
Record notes in CRM


Send audit log to FIN Compliance Disclosure Center or Client Folder

Prepare Investor/Committee Meeting,
Prepare CRM/Notes,
Open Portfolio/Brokerage
Feed Trading or Brokerage data to CRM,


Send log/task status to FIN Compliance Disclosure Center, Client Folder, or Calendar

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