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FIN Compliance is a consortium of compliance, consulting, and business management solutions to help investment firms to structure, maintain, and develop their regulatory review programs.

We understand that there isn’t an all-in-one tech solution to handle every need. As such, we built our compliance app to integrate with other technology providers using Zapier or a customized integration using our API solution.

Since 2012, we support a collaborative model with other service providers and work in the investment industry to make a social impact in our community.

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Our History

2011/2012 - Consulting Launch

Independent consulting practice

2015 - Book Launch

"Founder (Cory Roberson's) book "From Student to Entrepreneur - See Here

2016 Technology Launch

FIN Compliance App launch

2016 - Present - Product Develoment
Iteration Cycle

Compliance, disclosure app, and mobile adjustments

2022 - Partner/Consultant Program

Collaborative model compliance, technology, and practice manage Consultants

2023 - Enterprise/Product Launch

Custom compliance/disclosure portals for partners

Management / Consultants


Advisory Team

Other Network Partners

Partner / Consulting Network


Compliance App

(Compliance manager for staff, teams, consultants)

Integrated with a disclosure center to transfer items to a Disclosure App

Disclosure App

(Disclosure portals for communications with clients, staff, investors, and vendors)