Since launching FIN Compliance, Founder Cory Roberson remains dedicated to the mission of “Serving the Investment Community to Make a Social Impact” in the lives of all students

Our impact division, FIN Missions, provides support for entrepreneurs and students who wish to build skills and establish their path to impact.

We believe in supporting students in creating a space for creative endeavors and career exploration while also working with organizations that support impact.

Our Impact Journey

College & Job Experience

First job in the investment industry while a student

Feb 2000
Student Tutor

After Schools/Youth Tutor

2009- 2010
Summer School Teacher

Volunteer Teacher in China, S. Korea

2008, 2010, 2011, 2012
Book Author

“From Student to Entrepreneur”

March 2015
Student Workshops & Volunteering

U.S., S. Africa, and Peru

2015 - 2018
Business & Startups

Consulting to startup events to FIN Compliance

2012 - Present

Impact Projects

Student/Intern Marketplace

Diversity, Inclusion and Career mentoring portal

FIN Compliance launched a project/vendor marketplace for students to connect with financial firms in our network for mentoring, research projects, and/or possible job prospects.


Our select network of advisors and partners are invited to support student careers in the financial industry, investment management, compliance, FinTech, blockchain, and more.
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Student Book

Pending Projects

Impact Community Fund

Past Projects

Student/Business Book

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