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SEC (and some state-registered*) Firms

Marketing (Testimonial) Rules
Compliance Date: Nov 4, 2022
Use client testimonials in compliance with new Rule 206(4)-1 provisions
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SEC Cybersecurity Proposal

Compliance Date: 2023 (TBD)
SEC Proposed changes to Rule 204-(6):
Where do you stand with proposed cybersecurity provisions?
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SEC and State ERISA Plan Fiduciaries

Department of Labor Prohibited Transaction Exemptions (PTE)
Compliance Date: 6/30/2022
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Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs)

NASAA Continuing Education Requirements (CE)
Compliance Dates: 2022/23 & beyond
States adopting (or proposed) rule include: Arkansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan,
Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin*
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* Some states have not adopted new rule provisions

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Our Founder, Cory Roberson is now volunteering as a youth mentor for a profit called
Leaders of Men based in Fairfield, CA

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