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Task Center

Project Center

Collaborate on projects
with your team

    Sample Projects
  • Firm Accounting Records
  • Compliance Manual Records
  • Code Of Ethics Records
  • Form ADV Records
  • Trading Records
  • Client Relationship Records
  • Advertising / Marketing Records
  • Solicitor Records
  • Regulatory Records
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Client Center

Setup client folders
or an online vault

    Sample Folders
  • Advisory Contracts
  • Discretionary Powers
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Written Communications
  • Complaint File
  • Custody Records
  • Operational Independence Determination
  • Pay to Play Records
  • Proxy Voting Policies and Procedures
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Document Center

Store your documents
and assign to clients

    Sample Documents
  • Journals and Ledgers
  • Litigation Lists
  • Disciplinary Documentation
  • Marketing Materials
  • Recommendation Memoranda
  • Performance Calculation
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Client Acknowledgements
  • Third-Party Questionnaires
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Business Center

Business Continuity

Connect with other firms
for future planning

Set up a plan with an advisor looking for:

  • A Successor
  • A Mentor
  • A book of business
  • A new tech venture

Vendor Listing

List your business
on our network

Firm Profile

Distinguish yourself
from the competition

E-Signature System

Send e-contracts to clients, vendors
or other third parties


Project and Client Folders

Create a new client or project folder
that is accessible online

Users and Team Folders

Share a folder or file with
a client or project manager

Task and Gig Folders

Customize file and folder names
and assign tasks

Files and Documents

Upload and edit important files and documents


Business Calendar (integrated with Google)

Use with your Google Email identification/login

(*Requires login of Google Account on Account Settings)

Compliance Management System

Access both our Compliance Management and Business Management via one-login

(Shown Premium Plus version)

Versions - Free, Premium, or Premium Version

Did you know?

Business Continuity & Management is a concern to many Advisors

According an FPA study, Fifty-four percent see a significant risk and 41% see some risk. Also, 97% of them say they will create a plan at some point For smaller operations, the lack of a succession plan is more acute Just 13% of advisors at firms managing less than $50 million have a formal plan; compared with 60% of those at firms with $500 million or more in managed assets.

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Collaborate with other firms to manage business continuity Succession strategies, Partnerships, and/or Deal Flow.

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