RIA + Broker Dealer Compliance in One system

Broker Dealer Review:

Broker Dealer Review covers small firm compliance issues representing FINRA Rule 1000 (Registration), 2000 (Duties), and 3000 (Supervision). Our compliance portal helps broker-dealers to conduct office reviews, supervision, and ongoing monitoring of investment activities.

Premium Hybrid Version:

Premium Hybrid Version combines RIA Review (premium plus) + a Broker-Dealer Review system. Our compliance portal helps broker-dealers to conduct office review, supervision, and ongoing monitoring of investment activities. Large Firms Brokers – we can refer you to an industry partner to service your rep network, firm element continuing education, automated supervision, and/or multiple branch office audit needs.


Premium Premium Hybrid
Broker Dealer Compliance RIA + Broker Dealer Compliance
Dashboard Dashboard
Compliance Calendar/Planner Compliance Calendar/Planner
Compliance Guidelines Compliance Guidelines
Operations Workflow Operations Workflow
Checklists Checklists
Forms Forms
Task Delegation Center Task Delegation Center
AML/KYC Review AML/KYC Review

How it works

Regulatory Developments

Stay abreast with regulatory changes, new requirements and updates which are critical for ensuring that the firm’s compliance obligations are met.

Documentation & Alerts

Create alerts for filings, client delivery, and document updates. Store data in our highly secure cloud storage to facilitate your firm’s audit preparation, aided by our library of checklists, forms, templates, agreements, and attestation documentation.

Compliance Review Center

Reduce your risk, avoid fines and save firm costs with our online compliance review center; designed to help guide firm’s through the process of reviewing the effectiveness of their compliance programs.


Admin- non-registered rep activities

Registered Rep/Operation level (responsible for sales, suitability, reporting, adhering to policies):

  • 1. Wholesaler/Registered reps – responsible for its FINRA/SEC/Firm policies (product suitability, communications)
  • 2. Registered Representatives – responsible for adhering to FINRA/SEC/firm rules, office policies (product suitability, communications)

Supervisors (responsible for policy development, branch office supervision, rep activities, monitoring operations)

  • 1. Managers/Supervisors– responsible for FINRA/SEC rules, Fin Cen, branch office, and rep activity
  • 2. AML Officer – responsible for KYC/AML escalations, ongoing transactional monitoring, SAR filing
  • 3. Principals - responsible for FINRA, SEC, Fin Cen, branch offices, managers and rep activity

Principal Types (Rule 1021, 1022)*:

Principal – General Securities (CCO listed on Form BD)

  • 1. Limited Principal—Financial and Operations (FINOP);
  • 2. Limited Principal—Registered Options and Security Futures;
  • 3. Limited Principal—General Securities Sales Supervisor;
  • 4. Principal - Municipal Securities Principal; or
  • 5. Limited Principal - Municipal Fund Securities

Prevent Regulatory Fines

See case study about an Introducing broker and AML/CCO fined $1 million and $15,000 respectively for AML/SAR reporting failures.
Read news about Hybrid RIA/Broker-dealer fined $1.7 million for suitability review failures.

Sorting out your Broker Dealer Resources (FINRA)

  • 1.FINRA - Written Supervisory Procedures (WSP)
  • 2.FINRA - Communications Resources (email,telephone)
  • 3.FINRA - Advertising Review Procedures (Rule 2210)   Electronic Copy: Advertising Regulation Electronic Files (AREF)
    Login via Firm Gateway: Hard Copy: http://www.finra.org/sites/default/files/advertising-regulation-filing-cover-sheet.pdf
    Procedures must account for risks such as:
    Disclosure: FINRA, MSRB, FinCen (AML), and other regulatory agencies are not affiliated in any way with RIA Review. The opinions expressed in their materials
  • 4.FinCen Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)
  • 5.FINRA OFAC/SDN Check 
  • 6.FINRA Senior Help Line
  • 7.FINRA Broker Check  
  • 8.U.S. Treasury TRACE Reporting   MSRB’s Real-time Transaction Reporting System (RTRS) - Municipalities MSRB Electronic Municipal Market Access