Enterprise Manager for

Firms, Networks, Consultants, Auditors

Our white-labeled compliance manager solution is designed for team collaboration with administrators, staff, and clients.


Administrator and User Level Features

White labeled Solution

We understand the importance of branding and maintaining a consistent user experience. Our platform allows you to white-label the application, ensuring it blends seamlessly with your company's identity, colors, and logo.

Admin Panel for Access Rights

Take control of user permissions with our comprehensive admin panel. You can easily manage access rights, granting specific privileges to administrators and users based on their roles within the organization

Compliance and Training Management

Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of compliance and training management tools. From handling mandatory training courses to tracking certifications, we have got you covered.

Multiple Calendar Management

With multiple teams and departments, scheduling and managing calendars can be a challenge. Our application offers a user-friendly calendar management system, streamlining coordination and ensuring everyone stays on the same page

Effortless File Sharing and Cloud Integration

Collaborate seamlessly with our secure file-sharing feature. Upload, share, and manage important documents while integrating with leading cloud storage services for easy access anytime, anywhere.

Audit Logs and Compliance Reporting

Stay compliant and keep track of all activities within the platform with detailed audit logs. Generate comprehensive compliance reports effortlessly to meet regulatory requirements

API Capability for Custom Integrations

We understand that every organization has unique needs and existing systems. Our application comes equipped with API capabilities, allowing for seamless custom integrations with your existing tools and infrastructure.


Why Choose Us

Enhanced User-Friendly Dashboard for Teams



Manage Access Rights for multiple user types

Admin | Users | Calendar Users

Team Collaboration Calendar Management

Team Collaboration Calendar Management

Manage Access Rights for Multiple Calendar (Admin/Users)

Distribute tasks, Share items, Secure File links, and retrieve files